Burke’s Welcome Shoppe

Sister Aldona with clothes.jpeg

​An enduring value of the Sisters of St. Martha has been to meet to the signs of the times. Faithful to this congregational commitment and her personal life-long way of life, Sister Florence Burke saw firsthand the struggle of people in the Charlottetown area to have the basic necessities of life.

Thus, in 1993, Burke’s Welcome Shoppe was opened in an effort to provide persons and families with items to help meet those needs. For some people assistance is required for a period of time in order to get through a difficult and challenging time.

Since 2001 Sister Aldona Arsenault has been managing the Shoppe. She is most grateful to the many people who donate items for this worthy cause. If you wish to donate items please call Sister Aldona at 902-892-4644.

Sister Aldona in the Kitchen