Do you have an interest in religious life?

Do you ever wonder about the possibility of becoming a Sister of St. Martha?

Do you ever experience in the depth of your heart a desire to answer the INVITATION to be part of the Mission of God’s son Jesus in our world as a Sister of St. Martha of PEI? 

Perhaps you ask yourself: 

  • How can I be of service to God’s  People? 
  •  How can  I develop a life of prayer? 
  • What would it be like to be a member of a committed faith community?  


The Church believes that all people are Good News for our Church and our World. By our very creation, we are all called by God. The mystery of vocation or call is part of God’s love for me. All followers of Jesus are called to a life and holiness. 
             Holiness shows itself the more we become like Jesus in being compassionate, forgiving, loving and healing toward others. 
             Holiness is reaching out to that neighbor in need when it was not            
             convenient nor easy. 
             Holiness is being concerned and active about the poverty of so 
             many people in our world.  
             Holiness is courage in difficult times, a courage that comes from        
             Holiness is selfless love and service. 
             Holiness is about making a difference.

Everyone has a Vocation!! 

We are all called to be a living response to God’s love in our world. The call is common to everyone but our response is unique to each one of us. So listening to our dreams,  knowing our capabilities and ourselves are the first steps in discovering how each of us is called to live out the vocation to holiness. 

For many young people, marriage will be the chosen vocation to live within the Faith Community. For some, the single life will be the vocation of choice. However, some men and women will seriously look at, exploring and possibly even choose to answer a call to Religious Life or Priesthood. A religious vocation is not a job or a career. It is a whole way of life, a way of being in a relationship with yourself, others and God. To be a Sister is not for everyone, but it is indeed a great choice for some.

SO –  what does it take???

Being a single Catholic woman aged 21-50 with no responsibility for minor children.

Good candidates for religious life are women passionate about God and the Mission of Jesus and passionate about life.
Religious life is for those who love God and the Church. 
Religious Life is for those who have a passionate desire to serve others even it is difficult. 
Religious Life is for those who relate well to others and don’t need to be the star of the show!
Religious Life is for those who can experience integrity and yet are flexible and adaptable to risk for the sake of the Gospel. 
Religious Life is for those willing and able to study and learn.

Religious Life is for those who can experience chastity as a positive and healthy decision.
Religious Life is for those who can experience poverty as a decision to live simply, share all material goods and take on a new relationship with things- one that reverences all creation, as given by and belonging to God. 
Religious Life is for those who can experience obedience as a call to listen to the Holy Spirit speaking through all the circumstances of our lives as well as through the guidelines and decisions of the community and the Church.
Religious Life is for those who commit to live as members of a community where we learn lessons of tolerance, self-sacrifice and reverence for persons who are different from us.