Vocation Call to Religious Life

Each of us needs to trust that God loves us and always gives us what we need to discern our vocation in a healthy way.     

The heart of the call to religious life is the desire to give oneself in love to God in a way so total that one becomes unavailable for marriage.

The uniqueness of a call to religious life is living the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in the community. 

The ministry carried out by religious women is the same ministry mandated by the Baptism of all Christians. Whatever we do, we are participating in the life and mission of Jesus attending to the needs of others. 

Signs of a Call to Religious Life 

  • 1. Love of God that manifests itself in a desire to give one’s life as a witness to the immensity of God’s love for all people. 
  • 2. Desire to grow spiritually through prayer, reflection and study. 
  • 3. Ability to relate to a variety of people ~ able to be happy alone and in a group.
    4. Joy in serving others in any outreach or parish/community activity.
  • 5. Generosity                              
    6. Desire to live simply 
    7. Willingness to share time, talents, and resources.  
    8. Ability to listen to others and accept direction when needed. 

Eight Ways to Nurture Vocations to Religious Life
(ideas for parents, and faith communities)  
   1.  Be faith-filled People. Pray for guidance in decisions and let Christian values guide you. 
   2.  Be generous and of service to others. 
   3.  Pray in the ordinary and extraordinary circumstances of life 
   4.  Share faith. Talk with others about faith in your life. 
   5.  Make Sacrifices. A happy, holy life often involves sacrifice. 
   6.  Be in touch. Get to know a Sister and understand their commitment. 
   7.  Educate. Learn and share about the option of a call to Religious Life. 
   8.  Support. Find ways to support a woman inquiring about
        Religious Life.

Prayer of Parents for All Church Vocations: 
(Marriage, Single Life, Priesthood, Religious Life) 
Loving God, You have given us the privilege as well as the responsibility of being loving parents. In the name of Jesus, we ask you to guide us as we invite our children to hear your call to service and leadership in your Church. May our children respond with deep faith and generosity to the needs of God’s people. Help us to be a source of encouragement to our children by our own desire to be committed people who serve you with love and enthusiasm.