Early in 2016, on the occasion of our 100th anniversary, we were invited by the Sisters of St. Martha of Antigonish to join the Sisters of Charity Federation of North America, commonly referred to as The Federation, which was established in 1966. Being able to trace our connections with the Vincentian tradition, we officially joined the Federation in June 2017.

The Federation has 50 sponsored ministries serving in 24 countries besides the United States and Canada. Impelled by Christ’s love and joined together in the mission of Charity, the Sisters of Charity Federation, respond to the cries of people living in poverty and on the margins. Living our Martha motto of ‘love and service’ in our various ministries we unite our mission to the Federation.

Sister Rosemary MacDonald is the Board member representing the congregation at the Federation.

In Chicago, June 2019, a first-time ever Assembly of the Whole was held which some of our Sisters and one Associate attended. The theme of the Assembly was weaving together unstoppable charity.  The Assembly provided a unique opportunity for Federation members and associates to experience global community, celebrate the past, and embrace the possibilities of a collaborative future through liturgy, contemplative prayer, and interactive presentations.

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Make it a practice to judge persons and things in the most favourable light at all times and under all circumstances. ~ St. Vincent de Paul

I desire all of you to be filled with a great love which will immerse you so sweetly in God and so charitably in the service of the poor. ~ St. Louise de Marillac

Faith lifts the soul, hope supports it, Experience say it must and Love says…let it be! ~ St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

From the Assembly of the Whole

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