The Associates of the Sisters of St. Martha  planned a Memorial Service of Remembrance to celebrate the deceased Sisters and Associates of the Sisters of St. Martha over the past two years. 

They gathered on Friday, Nov. 26  to celebrate  by sharing stories of each person and lighting a Candle of Remembrance before celebrating the Mass together.

Pictured above are members of the Associate Executive- Mary MacLean, Sr. Debbie Peters, Sr. Lauretta White, Sheila MacDonald, Dianne McCarville and Gary Clow.

The Executive meet on the first Wednesday of the month and the full Associate gathering is the fourth Friday of the month.

Associate Co-Directors are Mary MacLean, Sr. Debbie Peters and Sheila MacDonald.

Both groups meet at The Living Well, located at Martha Place, which is the newest project of the Sisters of St. Martha .

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