Our Lady of Fatima Shrine Restoration

During the months of September and October, Our Lady of Fatima Shrine received an upgrade under the wise consultation of Alan MacPhee.  

Sculptor Henry Chikoti, his son, home on vacation from his studies, donated his skills to repair the Fatima children and wash the Statue of Our Lady.  

Here is Henry washing down the Madonna.

When he returns home next summer, he will repaint Our Lady of Fatima and the restoration will be complete.

Members of the Knights of Columbus (Brady Grant, Phillip Beaulac and Luke Pierlot) volunteered to re-install the children while their organization supplied the materials.

Other Knights Glen Mahar and Stephen LaPierre repaired, painted and re-installed the white cross on the entry sign to the Mount.

David Walsh was hired to remove the old steps and re-design the pathway to the Shrine, remove large stones from the Shrine as well as remove low-hanging branches and dying shrubs to enhance the tidiness, visibility and accessibility to the Shrine.

The Sisters are delighted with the project and are grateful to these generous men and pray that their families will be richly blessed for their loving service to us.

The Living Well

A project of the Sisters of St. Martha, The Living Well is a place of hospitality providing an inclusive, accepting and supportive environment of respect and compassion.

We believe that all persons have the desire to live a happy and peaceful life.

We believe that we are keepers of a way of life that is in harmony with Earth, our common home that is to be valued and protected.

Responding to evolving needs we offer programs to promote growth, hope and healing to improve one’s well-being and nurture all life making our world a better place.

Located on the first floor of Martha Place, 96 Patterson Drive in Hillsborough Park.

Pumpkin Carving at S.A.F.E.

Sober And Friendly Environment – SAFE

Sister Laura Kelly writes: “I bought 9 pumpkins to be carved.

We will have a contest which ends on Friday (October 29th) at end of shift.

Whoever carves what is voted by your peers as the best will win a twenty dollar Tims card.

Anyone from SAFE guests or volunteers is eligible.

Can only use tools provided but allowed to be as creative as you like.

Zooming With The Marthas

Saturday, December 4 from 10AM until 3PM, the Martha Spirituality Centre offers the opportunity to reflect upon the impact of Mary, the Mother of God on our faith journeys as well as the gifts that others have brought to our lives. This Zoom retreat will be facilitated by Sister Debbie Peters, CSM. Register with srdebpeters52@gmail.com . There will be a one-hour lunch break.  Fee $20.

Join Sister Joan Campbell for the 4-week Zoom series “Prophets and Kin of Jesus.”  Thursdays, November 25 until December 16 from 6:30-7:45 p.m. We will explore what the gospels say about major New Testament characters whom we meet in the early life of Jesus including Mary, Joseph, John the Baptist and others. Fee $20.  Register with drjoancsm@gmail.com .                                                    

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